A cryptocurrency that redefines pooling – Balancer has one hell of an idea to boost returns

A touch of freshness for Balancer – After a short period of silence following the launch of its BAL token, the decentralized exchange Balancer returns to the fore. The platform has indeed just unveiled the technical sheet for version 2, scheduled for March.

Balancer V2: a mess of innovations

The announcement appeared on Tuesday February 2 on the official Balancer blog. Fernando Martinelli , its CEO, told us about his desire to make Crypto Cash the main source of DeFi liquidity.

In practice, therefore, that version 2 will focus on four main areas, namely security , the flexibility , the yields and gas economy .

Balancer safes

Thanks to these safes , also called vaults , Balancer will go from an architecture where each pool owns and manages its assets, to a single vault which holds and manages all the assets.

As @Hasufl pointed out on Twitter , using a single safe can drastically reduce the cost of gas for users. In addition, it will be possible to carry out internal transactions in the safe, without having to withdraw their funds.

Gas savings

So far, whether on Balancer or other AMMs, it is not very efficient to trade between several pools, given the gas costs spent. However, merging the different pools into a single safe will reduce the number of transactions and, de facto, said fees.

“With the new Balancer protocol vault, even though transactions are carried out in batches across multiple pools, only the final net amounts of the tokens are transferred to and from the vault, saving a significant amount of money. gas. „