US FDA sees blockchain as a solution to improve food safety


The United States Food and Drug Administration published a project and pilot study on food safety, highlighting blockchain as a viable option for some of the identified challenges.

The plan, released earlier this week, breaks down some of the challenges facing food distribution across the country and looks at how smart technologies could solve them:

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„Our world is evolving at a rapid pace. With this evolution come new technologies, ranging from new digital tools to new sources of food ingredients. … These developments provide new tools and approaches to address food security issues, but also present new questions to consider in determining how to regulate Etoro food security.

The technologies mentioned include artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, sensor and blockchain technologies, and are discussed under four themes: technological traceability, outbreak prevention and response, modernization of retailing and food safety culture.

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Blockchain technology is specifically mentioned in relation to receiving „critical monitoring events and key data elements from industry and regulatory partners“.

The FDA has been talking about blockchain for years

The FDA has been talking about the potential of the block chain for the last two years. In June, FDA Food and Drug Commissioner Stephen Hahn and Assistant Commissioner for Food Policy and Response Frank Yiannas pointed out the devastating impact COVID-19 has had on the food supply chain industry, stating that blockchain is one of the technologies that facilitates the tracking and tracing of products through the supply chain.

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IBM has laid the foundation
IBM brought the block chain to agriculture and the shipping industry with its FoodTrust program launched in conjunction with Walmart. Serving many of America’s leading retail giants, the blockchain records food product information and certification, reducing pain points such as certification storage and product recalls.